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A women's human rights defender can be anyone defending women's rights in their sphere
Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA)
August 25, 2013

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We recognise the following:

Grace Chirenje
Grace Chirenje is a young women's rights activist, and is founder of the Zimbabwe Young Women Network for Peace Building Project, an organisation that focuses on issues of women's participation in politics, democracy, literacy and skills training and concentrates mainly on rural communities in Zimbabwe. Grace's passion is community development and facilitation with a special emphasis on women in relation to democracy, good governance and conflict transformation. Through her passion and activism she has touched the lives of thousands of rural Zimbabwean girls, empowering them with skills and self-esteem to challenge discrimination and violence against women. This passion started when she was in University. Are you a student? You can make a difference.

Jenni Williams
An advocate for social justice and non-violent struggle, Jenni Williams is an outstanding Zimbabwean woman who co-founded Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA). The organisation seeks to provide women, from all walks of life, with a united voice to speak out on issues affecting their day-to-day lives. It also empowers female leadership that will lead community involvement in pressing for solutions to everyday crisis and encourages women to stand up for their rights and freedoms. Jenni has fearlessly stood for basic women's rights such as food, shelter and sanitation, and has never given up despite being arrested too many times. She has impacted her community, are you impacting yours?

Beatrice Tonhodzayi
Beatrice Tonhodzayi is a journalist and prolific writer of social issues that affect women and children. Using her space of influence at Zimpapers, she has used the pen to highlight social norms and practices that people take for granted which impact women negatively. Her writing has brought to light and increased discussion on issues to do with HIV, wife battering, adultery and women's rights. Beatrice has won numerous awards as a journalist

Kelvin Hazangwi
Kelvin Hazangwi is a gender and human rights activist. He is the National Director of PADARE / ENKUNDLENI / Men's Forum on Gender an organisation that works with men and boys to find practical ways of advancing gender equality in Zimbabwe in partnership with women and girls. Through this organisation, he has championed programmes that help protect women from various forms of violence. He is the current Chairperson of the National Anti-Domestic Violence Council of Zimbabwe, which was established in terms of the Domestic Violence Act to ensure the effective implementation of the Act.

Rudo James
Rudo James looks like any ordinary woman, but her personal experience of gender based violence pushed her to rise and say no more. She is a Community Legal Educator with Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association, and spends most of her time sensitising her community in Norton on women's right. Rudo is an example that ordinary women can add their voice to the fight against gender based violence. She is doing her bit to raise awareness on women's rights, are you doing yours?

Are you defending women' rights? Go ahead, protect women from all forms of violence.

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