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  • Gendered manifestos analysis
    The Women's Trust
    July 30, 2013

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    Snap Analysis of the Political Party Manifestos 2013 (MDC, MDC -T, Zapu, Zanu-PF)

    As a woman, why should I give you my vote?

    (I know he used to do nice stuff for you, but what has he done for you lately?… Janet Jackson)

    Who does government represent? Who is a citizen? Do women have the same rights and power to assert these rights in the space that is politics and governance?

    Our new Constitution directs (in section 2.9) that the State must promote full gender balance, and in particular ensure that both genders are equally represented in all institutions and agencies of government at every level. Political parties are in essence governments in waiting and when successful at the polls they proceed to form the institutions that become the state. The guiding principles and values that will inform how they play this role are contained in the Party Manifesto.

    The Manifesto lays out the purpose of the party, that is why does it exist as a party and what does it intend to achieve by being in power. The Manifesto gives the potential voter the information to enable her/ him to make an informed choice of the right candidate and the right party to vote for. In short it answers the question 'As a voter why should I give you my vote?'

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