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ZEC is yet to start mobile voter registration
Women's Institute for Leadership Development
April 30, 2013

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has refuted reports that the mobile voter registration exercise has started. The article in The Chronicle dated 30 April 2013 has raised a lot of interest among citizens in Bulawayo who are eagerly waiting to register to vote in the mobile voter registration exercise.

Speaking during a telephone interview with WILD, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) Deputy Chief Elections Officer Mr Utloile Silaigwana said, “mobile voter registration has not started, this is mainly because funding for the exercise has not been availed to us by the Ministry of Finance. There are also issues which are not clear pertaining the registration of aliens. As soon as all that is clarified adverts on the mobile registration exercise will be aired then the exercise will commence”, he said. Mr Silaigwana said they were holding a meeting today to clarify a number of issues before rolling out the mobile registration exercise. He added that the newspaper articles were misinforming the public.

Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association also said they had no knowledge of the mobile voter registration exercise besides what they were reading on papers. Ms Ntombizodwa Khumalo a resident of Bulawayo and board member of WILD said she had visited 5 registration points asking about mobile voter registration but there was no information available. “ I have visited 5 wards to see if there was anything on mobile registration but I found nothing, ” she said.

The national mobile voter registration exercise is supposed to reach out especially to communities in remote areas, which are difficult to access. The programme targets people who do not have easy access to sub-offices and district registration centres to register to vote.

This exercise will assist a lot of citizens especially women and youth who form the majority of the unregistered population. Meanwhile, civil society organisations are lobbying SADC and African Union, as guarantors in the Global Political Agreement, to ensure for a credible clean voters roll, a condusive environment for free and fair elections and as well as alignment of electoral laws with the new Constitution.

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