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Zim @ 33
Women's Institute for Leadership Development
April 17, 2013

Wishing Zimbabwe a Happy 33rd Birthday! “Sons and daughters of Zimbabwe, I urge you to participate fully and jubilantly in our Independence celebrations and to ensure that all our visitors are well entertained and treated with utmost hospitality. I shall be one in spirit and love, in loyalty and commitment with you all. Forward with the Year of the People’s Power! Long live our Freedom! Long live our Sovereignty! Long live our Independence.” This is an excerpt from President R.G. Mugabe’s speech made on the eve of Zimbabwe’s independence on 17 April 1980.

In light of the speech, WILD would like to join every Zimbabwean in celebration of 33 years of Independence, under the theme “Peace, Prosperity and Economic Empowerment for National Development.” We also celebrate the efforts of the amazing, super women who fought bravely during the liberation struggle. Women across the country are urged to actively participate in peace building exercises that would ensure the prosperity and economic empowerment of women guaranteeing national development.

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