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  • WILD activity update
    Women's Institute for Leadership Development
    March 27, 2013

    WILD held a Public Peace Debate on the 26th of March 2013 at Cillas Conference Centre in Bulawayo. The meeting drew over 150 women from Bulawayo to discuss about measures put in place by political parties to ensure for effective women participation at district and national level in the next elections.

    The speakers included Judith Ncube (ZANU PF), Ginnifer Kaoma (MDC T) and Jasmine Toffa (MDC) who are leaders in their political parties. The ladies took time to explain their respective party manifestos and how the provisions of the new constitution will be enshrined at institutional level.

    However, women expressed fears that Zimbabwean politics had not reached a stage where women’s views and taken seriously. Gender equality largely remains a statement to flower political utterances but vaguely taken on board as empowerment strategy. During this meeting, it was clear that political parties had not strategised how they will fill in the 60 positions provided for in the proposed Constitution. Women hoped that men in leadership positions will not use these seats to appoint women they want to use for their own selfish agendas. Women who want to contest in the next primary elections said they had already sent their applications to their respective political parties and asked the organisation to provide workshops where they are leadership capacities are enhanced. The Public Peace Debate spoke to issues of violence and women from all political parties represented spoke against violence and proposed for regular prayer meetings to invite God to continue leading in these public processes.

    WILD continues with non-partisan platforms for women to have dialogue in governance issues for true democracy & gender equality to be achieved.

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