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  • National IDs only required for voting in the next Referendum
    Women's Institute for Leadership Development
    February 22, 2013

    The Government of Zimbabwe has scrapped the use of the voters' roll in the forthcoming Referendum instead prospective voters will be required to produce their National Identification documents to vote.

    Speaking during a telephone interview with Women's Institute for Leadership Development (WILD), Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Hon Eric Matinenga confirmed the development which is likely to see millions of Zimbabweans above the age of 18 voting on the proposed Constitution. The proposed date for the Referendum is 16th of March 2013.

    Minister Matinenga said that for one to vote in the Referendum, they are to provide proof that they are citizens of Zimbabwe.

    "When one is going to vote, they need to bring their identity document that is what they will present to the polling agents so that they can vote. Like in any election, those who fail to provide their Identity Documents would not be allowed to vote" said Minister Matinenga. He said members of the public, coming to vote will be allowed to cast their votes for or against the Draft Constitution from any polling station irrespective from where they come from. He added that a Drivers' Licence is not adequate proof that one is a Zimbabwean citizen.

    "In order to avoid a situation whereby people vote twice, we will use the ink, which we normally use to guard against such," said Minister Matinenga.

    Finance Minister Tendai Biti recently revealed that the United Nations had responded to Government's request for funds to the tune of $250 million to finance the Referendum and the harmonised Elections.

    WILD with other women's movements continue to lobby for pieces of legislation that promote gender equality and women's inclusion in public platforms and in decision-making. The new Constitution may birth a new era for women's leadership in Zimbabwe. It is their choice to go for or against the Draft Constitution, also must be reminded that opportunities such as this are rare to come by.

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