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    Women's Institute for Leadership Development
    January 09, 2013

    A Special Cabinet Committee, created to deliberate matters stalling the finalization of the constitution-making process has resolved all issues except for the issue of the Running Mates. Honorable Douglas T Mwonzora revealed this during a telephone interview with WILD on Tuesday.

    The small special committee comprises of Hon. Douglas T. Mwonzora, Hon. Munyaradzi Paul Mangwana and Mrs Angela Tofa Mahlamvana. "A small special committee was set up to resolve the outstanding issues of Devolution of Power, National Prosecuting Authority, Executive Authority, Peace and Reconciliation Commission, Land Commission, Presidential Power to Declare War and Running Mates."

    "These were the outstanding issues as of December 27, 2012. We were however unable to resolve that of the running mate." He said.

    He said that there was a possibility that the Draft Constitution could be adopted as the new Constitution of Zimbabwe. He added that the full Cabinet Committee tasked to iron out the contentious issues around the Draft Constitution is expected to meet this week. Thirty issues were raised during the Second All Stakeholders' Conference in October last year and a seven-member Cabinet Committee was formed to look at the issues, consult and bring them to finality.

    The Seven-Member Committee includes Cde Patrick Chinamasa and Cde Munyaradzi, Hon. Paul Mangwana (Zanu-PF), Hon. Tendai Biti and Hon. Douglas Mwonzora (MDC-T), Hon. Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and Hon. Edward Mkhosi from MDC. It is chaired by Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Hon. Eric Matinenga.

    However, four months down the line, the committee is still battling with the matters and is yet to have common ground.

    If the constitution is finalized women will be for the first time in Zimbabwe, have significant recognition in public participation. With the coming elections, WILD hopes that the constitution- making process is peacefully and amicably brought to its finality. As is the case in all political disputes, women are left as spectators with little or no contribution in bringing about solutions. The outstanding issues above have so little to do with survival of the general suffering population and economic development of Zimbabwe and are mere power struggles of the "big brothers."

    WILD makes a plea for an immediate resolution to the Draft Constitution impasse. A conducive context for a successful electoral process should be set. Various stakeholders should establish an environment in which it is possible to prepare for and conduct genuine elections that reflect the free expression of the will of the women voters too.

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