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Wildtrack newsletter - Issue 6
Women Filmmakers of Zimbabwe
October 25, 2012

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International Images Film Festival for Women

Women Alive is the theme for this year's International Images Film Festival for Women (IIFF). IIFF begins on the 23rd of November and runs through to the 1st of December in Harare before moving to Binga from December 3 to 6. With only seven weeks to go, over 60 films are scheduled to screen at the Ster Kinekor, Alliance Francaise and the Book Café.

In a country of rising maternal mortality and women, including young and married women being at great risk for HIV, while hardly a day goes by without a media report of a woman being killed by her partner and registered doctors being accused of raping patients who may never recover from the trauma, it is time to take women's lives seriously! This is what IIFF does, by providing inspirational and empowering stories about women who have overcome their odds for viewers to enjoy for over a week. Even more importantly, IIFF provides a space where women can come together to network, bond and build their dreams in a relaxed, safe environment. Women rarely have this opportunity outside the festival week.

This eleventh edition of the festival will showcase documentaries, feature and short films all showing how women manage to stay alive themselves, and keep others alive in the home, the workplace and the world. Watch out for Education of Auma Obama (Germany/Kenya), Linda Linda Linda (Japan), Fraulein (Switzerland), Queen To Play (France), Lark Farm (Italy), Fiance for Yasmina (Spain) , Madame Dakar (Netherlands) and End Of The Road (Iran) and Cultures of Resistance (USA). New categories at IIFF 2012 include the New Man and the Shasha/ Ingcitshi/ Zim Experts (SIZE). Highlights in the SIZE category include I Will Marry Myself by Melgin Tafirenyika and Stephen Visser. This is a fascinating story about an African woman, who was fed up of being taken for granted by men that she took the matter into her own hands. Find out how by coming to IIFF. Other films to look forward to include The In- Laws and Maidei Meets Europe by fellow Zimbabweans Demetria Karongah and Rufaro Kaseko based in the United Kingdom. The In-Laws is a summer comedy trip cleverly highlighting the clash of beliefs when Africa meets Europe in an attempt to bridge the gap. Maidei Meets Europe is a short film about an innocent and cultured but clueless rural African girl who comes to Europe unannounced and she is entangled in a typical European makeover.

IIFF is the only women's film festival in sub-Saharan Africa. Each year, IIFF provides a unique focus theme that showcases the best and most interesting films from around the world. This memorable event engages, interrogates and inspires positive images of women and women's narratives through film screenings.


Article: The education of Auma Obama
Auma Obama should correctly be referred to as the sister of President Obama. And it also needs to be corrected that she did her school education in Kenya and only went to University abroad.

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