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Ten members appear in court remanded to 21 Feb 2012
Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
February 13, 2012

Ten members of Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) appeared in Magistrates Court one at 9:30am before Magistrate Vivian Ndlovu. Those appearing include national coordinator Jenni Williams.

The Defence were represented by Mr Jamela of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and Nikiwe Ncube.

The matter was in court for Trial but no state papers had been served on the defence team so they could prepare for Trial. Mr Jamela summarised the activist complaints against the police and put the state on notice that at the next appearance on 21 February 2012, they will submit a written application for refusal of further remand. Jeremiah Mutsindikwa appeared for the state.

The charges come under the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act [chapter 9:23] Act 23/2004 Section 46 Criminal Nuisance: "Acts constituting criminal nuisance - 2. Any person who - (v) employs any means whatsoever which are likely materially to interfere with the ordinary comfort, convenience, peace or quiet of the public or any section of the public, or does any act which is likely to create a nuisance or obstruction; shall be guilty of criminal nuisance."

These charges seem to contradict the Supreme Court Ruling obtained in 2010 by Williams and Mahlangu. The essence of the ruling is covered in the main points available at this link on the WOZA website.

Visit the WOZA fact sheet

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