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Last Week at a Glance - Issue 65
Women's Coalition
July 06, 2011

My Thoughts

The Constitution making process has stalled once again! According to the Constitution Watch, the work of the thematic committees stopped prematurely on the 9th of June 2011. By that date the committees had managed to complete ward reports on data accumulated from the outreach meetings in the country's wards. Reports on the special outreach meetings held for the disabled, the youth and parliamentarians were also complete. The Thematic committees still need to consolidate the ward reports into district reports and provincial reports. According to media reports, stalling of the process has been caused by shortage of funds and the resurfacing of disagreements about the methodology to be employed in analyzing outreach data. Meanwhile WCoZ has continued in its lobby and advocacy

WCoZ Constitutional engagement process

Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA) spearheaded the Constitutional Engagement Workshop that was held for the Women's Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) in collaboration with Women in Politics Support Unit (WIPSU), Parliament of Zimbabwe and Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe.

The workshop was convened after the realisation that there was need for more women to be included in all the Constitutional making processes, ensuring that the process takes into consideration women's rights issues. In engaging the key stakeholders, these organisations thrive to ensure that the draft constitution addresses all previous gender imbalances and legal challenges that have in history affected women throughout their life cycle in Zimbabwe.

The sensitisation meeting with the WPC sought to strengthen their capacity and knowledge base on gender and the constitution making process to enable them to build onto good practices when they deliberate on the draft Constitution in Parliament. The WPC consists of women from all the political parties and hence this is a platform for strategizing on women's Constitutional demands beyond party politics.

Concrete resolutions were developed following the engagement process with the WPC including:

  • Lobbying for more women in the drafting team
  • Establishment of a Shadow Drafting Team comprising of legal experts and women Parliamentarians
  • Establishment of a Women Constitutional Committee of 20
  • Simplification of the position paper on Women' Constitutional demands

The Constitutional reform process is very critical and requires concerted and coordinated efforts if women's Constitutional demands are to be taken aboard. The engagement processes are both organised and sporadic and WCoZ will continue to offer support to members in these processes.

Leadership and Governance training workshop

WCoZ convened two governance and leadership workshops for its member organizations and their board/committees in the month of June on the 14th and 21st of June at Holiday Inn in Harare. The objectives were to review the leadership of women's NGOs and boards; review the professional conduct of the board and its role in steering the organization and sharing common issues and problems in organisations.

The workshops were a platform to clarify key human resources issues such as staff appointment; legal compliance issues; job descriptions and documentation of human resources policies and code of conduct. WCoZ envisages that the Leadership and Governance Workshops will enable directors and their board to improve effectiveness in leadership of organisations and interventions of the board. The trainings were facilitated by Emilia Chisango, a partner at KPMG.

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