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WCoZ reviews its strategic plan - Last week at a glance issue 36
Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe
July 01, 2010

Forty nine (49) WCoZ members consisting of the board, organizations, chapters and individuals attended the Strategic Review Retreat that was held in Nyanga, Troutbeck Inn from the 16th - 18th of June 2010. The objectives of the retreat were to review the WCoZ strategic plan that was made in 2008 and align it to the current environment and mandate of WCoZ. The strategic results needed refinement to be properly aligned to the expectations of membership. Some of the strategic results were specific to the WCoZ membership and other were not attainable as they were relevant to stakeholders such as the Ministry of Health. WCoZ and its membership needed to position itself strategically in the current transitional period to take full advantage of all opportunities for the improvement of women's situation.

Highlights of the Retreat

  • Creation of thematic clusters to improve networking and planning among membership. This will encourage diversity, collective participation and ownership among members of WCoZ.
  • Streamlined the Strategic Plan to focus on WCoZ key result areas of collective lobbying and advocacy, networking, information dissemination, mobilization of resources and creation of partnership at all levels
  • The role of coordination was key as WCoZ should stand out clearly as a network to allow it to be focused and achieve its objectives.
  • The monitoring and evaluation framework for the Strategic Plan was also considered and strengthened.
  • The Chapters should be supported and have their capacity strengthened in order to be relevant and responsive to the work of WCoZ.
  • A code of conduct for WCoZ membership will be developed.
  • Members highlighted issues of inclusiveness in WCoZ of the diversity of women including the youth, the middle aged, mature activists, regional representation and rural women. To this end a Young Women's Forum will be created and an Advisory Committee of the mature activists will be created as an advisory platform for the network.

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