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Women appreciate leaders' united support for new Constitution process
ENVISION Zimbabwe Women's Trust
July 21, 2009

We women leaders, representatives of women and gender organizations and individuals express our appreciation for the rapid response and the spirit of unity displayed by HE the President, Robert G Mugabe, the Rt Hon Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and the Hon Deputy Prime Minister Prof Arthur Mutambara following the shameful debacle on Monday 13 July, when the First All-Stakeholders Constitution Conference was broken up and 4000 delegates from all over the country were forced to flee.

We firmly believe that our nation needs a new people-driven constitution in which women are guaranteed equality with men in all spheres. We are reassured by this committed stance by the three principals of the Global Political Agreement. We call upon them to continue to stand firm and remain united in their support for this new constitution-making process.

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