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    Gender Forum
    April 23, 2009

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    Framework for the Drafting of a New Constitution for Zimbabwe

    Following the disputed election on June 27 2008, the three main political parties in Zimbabwe entered into negotiations for the resolution of the Zimbabwe crisis [i.e. the deepening economic and humanitarian crises] in a SADC led initiative. Ultimately this led to the signing of the Global Political Agreement on 15 September 2008 which paved way for the establishment of a Government of National Unity.

    One of the components of the agreement was that the political parties agreed to the drafting of a new democratic constitution for the country in an all inclusive, people driven process. Thus Article 6 of the GPA which appears as schedule 10 of Constitutional Amendment no 19 of the constitution sets out the framework to be followed in the drafting of the new constitution. In the Short Term Economic Recover Programme (STERP) set out by the Minister of Finance in presenting a revised budget paragraph 8 thereof identifies the Constitution and the constitution making process as priority areas of political and governance issues. The process to be followed is thus as follows-:

    The parties shall:

    Set up a Select Committee of Parliament whose role shall be:

    • to set up sub committees chaired by a member of Parliament composed of MP's and representatives of civil society
    • to hold public hearings and consultations with the public
    • to convene an all stakeholders conference to consult stakeholders
    • to table a draft constitution at a second stakeholders conference
    • report to Parliament its recommendations for the new constitution
    • submit draft constitution to a referendum

    The whole process for the drafting of a new constitution is estimated to take approximately 18 months.

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