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Message for girls and GCN supporters and stakeholders
Girl Child Network Trust
September 07, 2007

Following numerous calls from girls, many Zimbabweans and various supporters, friends and stakeholders after recent media stories on the arrest of GCN founding leader and director Betty Makoni, the organization wishes to advise all girls and other stakeholders that the organisation continues to work together and in consultation with the Government, community based organizations, funding partners and other institutions that support the empowerment of girls in all spheres of home, school and community as our vision is to see girls walking in the fullness of their potential as future women.

Victim Friendly Courts are mandated to work with all key stakeholders in curbing child sexual abuse and GCN counts itself as a member and key stakeholder by the very nature of our target beneficiaries -the girls who constitute the majority of their target .With good will and good intent we will continue to support Victim Friendly Courts and other child rights pressure groups and wherever possible discuss controversial issues in a professional way so as to give constructive criticism for the betterment of GCN and these organizations.

Girl Child Network wishes to advise stakeholders that the organisation continues, in consultation with relevant Government institutions, child rights pressure groups, funding partners, Victim Friendly Courts and the girls, with its mandate of empowering the girl child to assist in the prosecution of perpetrators of child sexual abuse. We need virtually everyone to understand our strategies and we welcome constructive criticism as this helps in strengthening our programs for the benefit of girls

We also wish to take this opportunity to announce to girls that GCN is an officially registered organization and works hand in hand with government departments such as Social Welfare and police as our cases are such that we cannot do much without them. Many girls have contacted GCN following recent media reports and like always rest assured that we remain the same passionate, lead organization in girls issues in Zimbabwe and the world over.

We are still deeply rooted in communities empowering girls on various issues and protecting them from abuse. Such challenges are real and quite expected. Through the Girls Newsflash we will send out to you accurate updated information and please share it widely especially with girls in remote parts of the country. Support from all stakeholders is overwhelming and this gives us every reason to carry on with our programs and ensure girls score a first. Of course more awards nationally and globally will be announced very soon and it will be celebration time again.

Third term is here with us and this is exam time and we expect more and more girls to break the record and make a major breakthrough into male dominated fields and shun such harmful activities like Beauty pageants that reduce you to sex objects and put you at high risk of contracting HIV and AIDS. Like GCN, remain focused on your mission and vision in life and no matter what challenges, you will not fall

Once again all girls out there please contact us through your club coordinators and as has been the case we are very strong on the ground and focused on our mission and vision to support empowerment of girls.

Visit the GCN fact sheet

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