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WOZA members remain in custody; concerns for safety of 18 year old girl
Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
April 20, 2007

News update Friday 20th April - 2pm

82 members spent last night in police custody. The four mothers and a minor reported at 8 am this morning as instructed.

ALERT! The young girl, Clarah Makoni, arrested yesterday with Angeline Karuru, as they took food to Luveve Police Station is missing. She was moved to Central Police station and beaten and threatened with torture by electricity but was eventually released last night. Karuru was also beaten and tortured but remained in custody and was released at midday today (Friday). Makoni was told to report back to Bulawayo Central Police Station at 8am this morning and did so, although she was obviously very ill and was vomiting.

Last contact with her was a phone call at 8:17 am this morning from a Bulawayo number 69661. She indicated that she was feeling unwell but had been assigned two police officers who were accompanying her to show them the home of Magodonga Mahlangu. Mahlangu advised her to tell the officers she was unwell and to insist on being taken for medical attention. Nothing has been heard from her since although lawyers have been informed by police that she has been released with her colleague.

Makoni was also tortured during the Valentine's Day arrests in February, suffering inflamed kidneys and yesterday's beating could have aggravated these past injuries.

The rest of the group are still in custody. They are expected to be taken to court this afternoon but given past experience of police delaying tactics, the group is prepared to spend the weekend in custody.

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