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Womens Coalition march
Womens Coalition
December 14, 2005

Today the Women's Coalition marched to commemorate the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence. More than 90 women and men marched singing songs to protest violence against women and girls. The women and men marched from ZWRCN offices along Hebert Chtepo Avenue, turned left into 2nd Street and right into Samorah Machel avenue, truning right into Julius Nyerere and entering the Harare Gardens for solidarity messages. Issues highlighted in the messages include;

  • Increasing gender based violence against women and girls and the Macheke cases of child sexual abuse were sighted as an example.
  • Lack of legislation to protest women from such abuse
  • Sexual violence which has resulted in higher infection rates for women and girls
  • Lack of treatment for HIV/AIDS, only 12 000 people are on ARVs yet more that 500 000 people need them urgently
  • Need to document violence against women and our activities
  • Lack of equal representation of women in decision making positions
  • Lack of proper sanitation for women, expensive sanitary pads
  • Need for unity of purpose among women

Thanks to all of you who turned up to the march to commemorate the 16 days. Thanks to those organisations who made the day a success ZNNP+ gender desk, WIPSU, WASN, ZWRCN, WAG, GCN. Thanks for your support to all who assisted in the mobilisation.

The 16 Days should be commemorated everyday of the year.

Warn regards and have violence free holidays.

Visit the Women's Coalition fact sheet

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