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    Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
    last updated October 28, 2004

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    Date Title
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    20/09/2004 WOZA walk update - WOZA

    Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) members on Sun 19 Sept 2004 embarked upon a 440-kilometer walk from Bulawayo to Harare to protest the NGO Bill. They hoped to raise awareness of the implications of the NGO Bill for the people of Zimbabwe. They also intended to raise money to assist activists likely to lose employment through the crackdown on organisations once the NGO Bill is forced through parliament.

    The majority of the WOZA women were arrested on Tue Sept 28 in Chegutu and at Selous less than 100 kilometres from Harare. They were finally released in the morning on Fri October 01 without charge.

    Jenni Williams, a member of the group not present when the majority were arrested, continued the walk to Harare alone at 5am on Wed Sept 29. She was joined by 6-7 women as she entered the Harare city limits and the small group made their way to their destination at Africa Unity Square in the capital's city centre. They formed a circle and prayed together before moving off to a nearby food court to buy food and drink. Police chose this moment to arrest all the women and a 4 month old baby being carried by her mother.

    On Fri Oct 01 the Attorney General's office declined to prosecute the women held in Harare. Despite this, the police at Harare Central Police Station refused to release the women and baby and so on Friday afternoon the women's lawyer sought an urgent hearing from High Court Justice Rita Makarau to compel the police to release them.

    In a shocking turn of events, despite the injustice of holding the women for even a minute longer, Justice Makarau saw fit to delay the hearing of the urgent application until Mon Oct 04 at 11.15am.

    In a further turn of events, late in the afternoon the police called the lawyer back to Harare Central Police Station to discuss the potential release of the women. By about 6pm all of the women in custody were released. This is a blatant example of the mental torture that the police subject innocent Zimbabweans to. Their inhumane methods fall well outside of their mandate and the provisions of the laws and constitutional provisions of Zimbabwe. These women are required to

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