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    WOZA present petition to Parliament
    Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
    October 04, 2004

    View photographs of their arrest

    Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) is a registered Trust. Our objectives are:

    To develop the capacity of Zimbabwean women to:

    • express their views on issues relating to their upliftment;
    • develop strategies for economic survival;
    • network with women internationally;
    • participate and take leadership roles in public life;

    Further objectives detailed in the Trust Deed and directly related to the just ended Sponsored Walk from Bulawayo to Harare are:

    • to administer funds received from donors on behalf of women who are to benefit under approved development schemes;
    • to establish an organisation that promotes a positive image of women in Zimbabwe.
    • to receive gifts and donations for the Trust, providing that all donations accepted by the Trust shall be irrevocable and the Trust shall not accept or be party to any agreement or arrangements for any donation which directly or indirectly may be revocable by the donor or any person, and to undertake activities designed to raise funds to be utilised for the purposes of the Trust.

    The women of WOZA heard about the proposed Non Governmental Organisation Bill due to come before parliament on the 5th October 2004. We looked through the proposed bill and we realised that if the Bill is passed in it current form it will strike at the very existence of us and our families. Most of the members of WOZA are widows, informal traders; some are 'living positively' with the virus. We do try to survive independently but without help from NGO's our families and those of us who are ill shall surely fade away and die.

    We have walked 440 kilometers to deliver this petition to parliament and hope and pray that you will hear our cries and not pass this Bill. Over 60 of us were arrested along the way but we have decided to risk another arrest just to deliver this message into your hands. Please hear our cries!!!

    There is a Zulu saying - Uthinte Umfazi Uthinte Imbokodo - 'You strike a woman and you have struck a rock'! We regard the NGO Bill in its current format, as an attempt to strike women through WOZA. The women of WOZA are saying we will not be struck in this way!

    The Women of WOZA - Defending Women's Rights!

    Visit the Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) fact sheet

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