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Harare ground water: What's happening? It's under stress! We need to understand this!
Tim Broderick
October 29, 2013

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Presentation at the Wetlands Survival Forum public dialogue on the Harare Water Crisis

Ground water in Harare is under threat?

  • There are way in excess of 10 000 functional boreholes in Harare, mostly across the northern suburbs.
  • Direct recharge is 2 to 4% of annual rainfall.
  • Collective abstraction makes an impact manifested in seasonal drawdown, reduced water deliveries and borehole failure. The inconvenience is compounded during drought cycles or years with poor rainfall distribution.
  • There is an urgent need for community awareness of the situation, and need for a drive towards self and community discipline in abstraction management of what is a fragile, albeit renewable resource.
  • There is a new Statutory Instrument (90/2013) controlling the abstraction of bulk water, the permit conditions for which are stringent, particularly within urban limits.
  • A new set of standards demand quality of service in all aspects of borehole drilling and construction.
  • Regulations are imminent for the registration of all consultants, drillers and associated service providers. The need for discipline in all aspects of ground water management is underlined if we are to sustain this vital resource.

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