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Boreholes in Zimbabwe
Ministry of Water Resources Development and Management

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Notice to: Borehole Owners, Prospective Owners, Drillers and Water Bottling Companies

In terms of sections 4, 6, 34(1) and (2), and 35 of the Water Act (CAP 20:24) and Statutory Instrument 206/2001, the Minister of Water Resources Development and Management is calling for the following:

1. With effect from 2 May to 30 June 2012, all borehole owners should register their boreholes with the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) or the nearest Catchment Council Offices.
2. All prospective borehole owners should with effect from 2 May 2012 get a permit for the drilling of a borehole from ZINWA or the nearest Catchment Council Offices.
3. All Borehole Drillers should also with effect form 2 May to June 2012 register their companies with ZINWA and should not drill any borehole for anyone who is not in possession of a permit.
4. All water Bottling Companies should also with effect from 2 May to June 2012 register their companies with ZINWA.

For more information please contact Mr Sunguro, Manager, Groundwater Department, ZINWA at 128 Samora Machel Avenue
Telephone: 04-250786

Or the following Catchments:

Gwayi Catchment, 2nd Floor Mhlahlandlela Complex, P.O. Box 566, Bulawayo
Tel: 09-69361-3 | Fax: 09-77109

Mazowe Catchment, 3rd Floor Old Mutual House, Cnr. Sam Nujoma/Speke Avenue, Harare, Tel: 04-700953/04-761260 | Fax: 04-791594

Runde Catchment, 717 Mineral Road, P.O. Box 250, Masvingo
Tel: 039-263690 | Fax: 039-263972

Save Catchment, 7 Park Road, P. O. Box 210, Mutare
Tel: 020-60988/60926 | Fax: 020-62848

Manyame Catchment, 1st Floor Old Mutual House, Corner Sam Nunjoma/Speke Avenue
Box CY715, Causeway, Harare
Tel: 04-702124/04-793732

Mzingwane Catchment, Ground Floor Mhlaglandlela, Government Complex, P.O. Box 2008, Bulawayo
Tel: 09-885191/2/6/8 | Fax: 09-882865

Sanyati Catchment, 2nd Street, P. O. Box 554, Gweru
Tel: 054-222511/14 | Fax: 054-220168

Download registration form

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