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SACC Central Committee Resolution on Zimbabwe
South African Council of Churches (SACC)
July 14, 2005

First visit to Zimbabwe by the Chair: 18-20 July 2005

The Central Committee of the SACC has received the report of the Observer Team that visited Zimbabwe 10-11 July 2005 with great pain and shock. The purpose of the visit was to gain insight on and provide pastoral support to communities affected by the recent "Operation Murambatsvina".

The SACC is convinced that this operation, as it is inhumanly implemented, causes widespread suffering to the most vulnerable people and further erodes their livelihood.

The Church of Christ cannot afford to be a silent observer when poverty and homelessness is meticulously and inhumanly unleashed on the people. The end never justifies the means. The much needed economic development cannot be seen to justify the dumping of Godís people.

We conclude therefore: In Godís name stop "Operation Murambatsvina".

Our failure to at act now with other Africans, in standing for the African values of Ubuntu will have history judge us as accomplices to this human tragedy.

The Central Committee:

  1. Reaffirms Triennial Conf resolution
  2. Adopts the proposals and the full report of the SACC delegation that visited Zimbabwe on 10-11 July 2005
  3. Further establishes a Campaign to stop "Operation Murambatsvina"

To stop "Operation Murambatsvina", to express solidarity with its victims, and to end the ongoing suffering of the people of Zimbabwe


  • Stepping up the visits to the suffering people
  • Engaging the Leaders (Church, Political, Business, Community, Civil Society, Labour) in Standing for the Truth.
  • Deploying Monitoring Teams to assist churches in Zimbabwe to keep track of the impact of the humanitarian crisis.
  • Calling for solidarity vigils
  • Stepping Up the Relief
  • Pray regularly for the situation in Zimbabwe Ė also for the churches in Zimbabwe to discern what God is calling them to do in the situation now.
  • Contacting the churches in Zimbabwe to accompany and support them on this (through letters, visits, etc- also by member churches
  • Caring better for Zimbabwe refugees.

Mandates the co-ordinating team, plus Mr. Vuyani Pule of FedSACS and Ms. Beauty Mthembu of the Womenís Ecumenical Conference, to act as a standing coordinating team for the campaign in conjunction with FOCCISA

Coordinating Team:

  • Bishop Ivan Abraham (Chair of Church Leaders Forum)
  • General Secretary/Deputy General Secretary
  • Rev Vuyani Vellem
  • Senior Deputy President: Ms Thabisile Msezane

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