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GALZ partner update
Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ)
January 22, 2013


As we enter 2013, let us remember that there can be no place in the new Zimbabwe for hate speech or the persecution of any sector of our population based on race, gender, tribe, culture, sexual orientation or political affiliation. All of us are entitled to our own opinions on certain values and beliefs, but in order to move our nation forward and achieve national reconciliation and healing, we have to uphold and foster the fundamental principle of tolerance, including tolerance of people that have chosen to live, believe and vote differently from ourselves.

The Zimbabwean parliament has the opportunity to bring the constitution into compliance with its international human rights obligations and explicitly prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. So far, this potential has not been fulfilled, not least because high-level politicians from both major political parties, including President Robert Mugabe publicly opposes the inclusion of LGBTI protections in the new constitution. The result has been that politicians continue to slander, vilify and dehumanise LGBTI Individuals. GALZ continues to be the target of harassment and frequent raids.

Update on the Cases

GALZ through its lawyers filed a high court application in November 2012 challenging two issues, The registration where we are highlighting that we are not a private voluntary organisation and stating that we are a lawful organisation in terms of the common law of Zimbabwe as set out in section 89 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

We are also challenging the defective warrant that was used to raid the GALZ office and confiscate its equipment. The lawyers will file a new suit after the expiration of the 60 days notice of intention to sue which expires on 22 January 2013.

On the Move

GALZ has had some staff changes in December 2012. The Gender Officer's contract was terminated with effect from the 19th of December 2012. GALZ is in the process of recruiting a programme officer and in the interim it has taken on two women to handle the affairs of LBT women in GALZ. Florence and Diana have assumed officer positions in this department on a 3 months contract whilst recruitment is taking place. We have also created a Women's Task force from amongst the membership of Women to support these two women in the office.

The GALZ Information and communications officer, Miles Tanhara resigned with effect from the 1st of February. He is seeking asylum in Sweden. GALZ will be recruiting once the board makes a decision in line with the strategic plan.

Getting Connected

In light of the raid, GALZ official email communication was disturbed. We are happy to inform you that we are now back online with a new secure domain. Please get in touch with us on

Director - (Chesterfield Samba)
Programmes - (Samuel Matsikure)
Membership services - (Lewis Kunze)
Women - (Florence) or (Diana)
Bulawayo - (Nhlanhla)

We have also resumed operations from the office and our Office Lines remain +263-4-741736 / 740614 / 740610

Our mobile lines remain unchanged.

We are still in the hunt for alternative office and or meeting space. Your support in this regard would be appreciated.

We Value Your Support

We thank you for your valued support in 2012 and we look forward to a better 2013

Visit the GALZ fact sheet

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