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    Gertrude Pswarayi, Sexual Rights Centre
    March 22, 2010

    The Sexual Rights Centre noted with deep concern the article published by the Chronicle in its March 16, 2010 publication. The article headlined "Gay rights proposal irks residents" uses hate speech, is not balanced and uses sources which are not credible to arouse strong emotions of hatred against sexual minorities and to gain Zimbabweans' approval for the exclusion of sexual rights and sexual minorities in the new constitution .

    The article quotes the ZANU-PF Deputy Secretary for Women's Affairs, Cde Eunice Sandi as saying, "Phansi lezitabane (Down with homosexuals). We don't want that in our constitution," and the MDC-T spokesperson, Mr Nelson Chamisa as saying, "Same sex marriage is something that is not encouraged in our society. It's tragic and regrettable that some people think that MDC-T is pro-gay."

    The article is homophobic propaganda in the guise of a news article. It is aimed at altering and controlling people's opinions, ideas and views, contrary to the notion of a people-driven constitution. The article violates Zimbabwean's rights to receiving accurate and balanced information about what is happening in society. It promotes stigma and discrimination, undermines people's rights to equality, dignity and respect and the right to be protected by the law.

    The article also demonstrates that Zimbabwe's leaders are not committed to upholding international standards and recognising the human rights of every individual.

    As the Sexual Rights Centre, we call on political leaders and journalists to refrain from using hate speech and manipulating the public owned media to deliberately and systematically attack sexual minorities and anyone advocating for their rights. The Sexual Rights Centre calls for the inclusion of voices of marginalised groups in the new Constitution. This will ensure that the new Constitution reflects views of all Zimbabweans.

    The Sexual Rights Centre works with sexual minorities to reduce stigma and discrimination, increase understanding and awareness, emphasize best and ethical practice in programmes working with Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Inter-sex (LGBTI) persons. We frame LGBTI issues within the context of human rights and we encourage the nation to uphold the rights of every individual and to respect them.

    Visit the Sexual Rights Centre fact sheet

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