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Be an activist. Follow these steps . . .
Barbara A Lewis

Extracted from: What Do You Stand For? - A Kids' Guide To Building Character

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Choose a problem. Look around your neighborhood, school, or community for something that needs fixing, improving or changing.

Do your research. Find out everything you can about your problem. Read about it. Talk to your friends, teachers, and neighbours. Contact experts and city or state officials.

Brainstorm many possible solutions to your problem. Choose your best solution(s).

Build a strong support team. Find people who agree with your ideas and ask them to join you.

Identify your opposition. Find people who don't agree with your ideas. Talk with them. Include them. They might decide to help you instead of oppose you. And you might discover places where you can compromise and improve your chances of success.

Raise money for your cause. Even if you only collect a small amount, this shows you are serious about wanting to solve the problem.

Carry out your solution. Make a list of all the steps you need to take. Give speeches, write letters, pass petitions. Get it done!

Evaluate your progress. Reflect on what you've done so far. Is your plan working or not? Should you ask for more help? Should you try something different?

Don't give up. Even if some people tell you why your solution won't work, keep trying until you find something that does work. Don't stop until you're ready to stop.

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