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Terms of Reference for Consultancy Service: Assessment of Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA)'s impact between 2003 and 2012
Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA)

Application Deadline: 22 November 2013 (17:00 UK time)

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1. Background

Zimbabwe Women’s Lawyers Association (ZWLA) is a membership organisation of women lawyers. Our vision is to achieve justice and equality for all in a Zimbabwean society where women are empowered and assert their rights within a justice delivery system that treats women and men equally. Our work focuses on developing, defending and dialoguing on women and children’s rights for the creation of a constructive and equitable justice system whilst actively addressing the rights and concerns of women and their children.

Our organisation was founded in 1992 to empower women lawyers, particularly young black lawyers, to contribute towards ordinary women’s ability to access justice and provide a collective voice on law reform. ZWLA was formally launched as a Trust in 1995 with a broader mandate to reach out and support in a more structured way to disadvantaged women and their children to use the law. We have grown over the years from a small project to being a fully fledged women’s organisation. We are a leading advocate for women’s rights and use the human rights based approach, to empower women so that they can claim their legal rights, provision legal aid services poor women and their children and advocate for legal and policy reforms so that women at large can enjoy their rights. We have a Head office in Harare, a regional office in Bulawayo and 25 staff members.

We have achieved tremendous results for women and children over the years documented in reports and project evaluations. We believe that conducting this Impact Assessment will enable us to understand and convey using an evidenced based manner the impact that our programmes and interventions have achieved in women, girls and children’s lives in a more systematic way.

2. Overall Objective of the Impact Assessment

The overall objective of the Assessment is to assess the impact of ZWLA’s work during the period 2003 to 2012, a period of 10 years. The Assessment will examine and provide strong evidence on the impact achieved, i.e. positive, negative, intended and unintended, on direct and indirect beneficiaries, analyse ZWLA’s contributions and identify specific factors that have enabled or disabled positive impact to occur. The Assessment will also review the relevance of our work, assess effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability of our programmatic interventions and organisational development processes and document lessons learnt and best practice.

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