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Terms of reference for the gender baseline study and gender internal assessment
SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe

Deadline: 4 October 2013 (12 noon)

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Background Information

SOS Children’s Villages Zimbabwe (herein called SOS CVZ) with support from the Grieg Foundation is implementing a three year project aimed at creating equal opportunities for girls, boys, women and men by reducing gender barriers in the communities and families and in the National Association(NA). The project will strengthen gender sensitivity in families (girls, boys,and care givers), communities and service providers by reducing barriers to equality and reducing gender based vulnerabilities in the SOS CVZ programme catchment areas. The project will create an enabling protection environment so that girls and boys are equally protected, educated, empowered and healthy; improve capacity of care givers through increasing equal access to socio-economic opportunities to care and protect their children; facilitate efforts for communities to be gender sensitive in responding to the situation in the target group and establish and nurture a network of partners that support programmes addressing gender inequalities. Finally the project will facilitate that the board and co-workers in the national associations are equipped and supported to implement programmes in a gender sensitive way.

Statement of Intent

To achieve the project goals, SOS CVZ is therefore looking for a consultant to conduct a gender baseline survey that will assess the situation and establish the status of gender mainstreaming / integration in the FS programme and nationally; check co-workers support / attitudes to gender equality and check the situation on the ground. This will inform the project implementation and monitoring plan through the identification of gaps, needs, capacities in the catchment areas.


In order to generate information for effective implementation and monitoring of the project it is necessary to establish the current status of the project. Therefore the specific objectives of the study are to:

a) Assess the extent to which gender issues have been integrated in the on-going FS programme and the NA generally
b) Assess the competence of the SOS CV Z staff for gender mainstreaming and make necessary recommendations for tools, training and capacity building
c) To help re-plan the project through specifying / concretising results as well as support needed including recommending activities which will accomplish the project objectives
d) Assessing the effectiveness of the existing institutional arrangements, management level support and follow up accountability mechanism & Human Resources available for implementing the project
e) Propose tools and systems to be used to accurately measure the change over time and enabling comparisons to be drawn between different programme units
f) Identify key opportunities and developmental needs for promoting this project implementation and make recommendations for further improvements

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