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Call for Proposals: ICCO Small Grants Facility (ISGF)

Deadline: 14 March 2011

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The ICCO Small Grants Facility (ISGF) is an initiative to provide flexible, accessible and manageable technical and financial support for innovative, citizen driven and self-empowering initiatives by Zimbabwean Civil Society entities working to advance Active Citizenship, Human Rights, Democratisation and Conflict Transformation.

In engaging entities working on the theme of Active Citizenship and Conflict Transformation, ICCO seeks to make meaningful contributions to efforts to redress the root and structural causes of the Zimbabwean crisis; whose causes can be traced in the existing power asymmetries at various levels which invariably result in the lack of democracy, human rights abuses and violent conflicts. Thus ICCO's work in Zimbabwe is mostly in advancement of initiatives that work to address the widespread exclusion of poor and marginalised societal groups from political participation, the denial of access to justice and basic services as well as the increasing vulnerability of hitherto self sustainable citizens' groups.

In particular the ICCO bears affinity with initiatives that are concerned with the following issues;

  • the marginalisation of citizens from decision making processes and their demobilisation from progressive forms of organising for collective social action and the promotion and protection of human rights,
  • the weakening of Civil Society particularly through the closure of democratic space and the systematic denial of the fundamental freedoms of speech, assembly and association,
  • systematic violations of human rights including the targeted violence and repression of Human Rights Defenders,
  • disregard for and non-compliance by Public officials to International standards and norms of human rights, good governance, free elections and sustainable development,
  • the continued existence of and enforcement of repressive pieces of legislation as well as the denial of access to justice,
  • unresolved conflicts and politically volatile contexts which remain vulnerable to the escalation of conflict

ISGF is therefore an integral component of the ICCO's work to help enhance the structural organisation and informed participation of poor and marginalised groups in Zimbabwe's development processes.

ISGF aims to responsively support the work of hitherto under-supported initiatives including those of a formative, emerging, alternative, once-off and grass roots nature. It therefore gives preference to non-traditional, grass roots and other Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) who tend to get marginalised by existing funding cycles. Relatively weaker and marginalised constituencies such as women and youth groups, social movements and rural organisations can thus access the Facility to help them to occupy greater space, increase their voice and strengthen institutional capacities.

By reaching out to a more diverse range of entities working formally and informally at various levels; the facility seeks to enhance the possibilities for Civil Society to build power from below, expand its reach, engage suppressed constituent groups, promote the innovation of alternative development models, utilise Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and strengthen mobilisation for social action. Beyond that, the Facility seeks to render available a resource stream that explicitly aims to be responsive to the changing needs of Civil Society working in a volatile and unconducive operating environment.

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