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Training seminars - Corporate social responsibility and capacity building
Southern Intelligence Consultancy Company & Tusanani Cover Trust (TCT)

Course Dates: November 2010

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Seminar 1: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Governance for Corporate Senior Managers, Board Members and Business Owners

Have any of these questions crossed your mind?

  • Good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR): what is the link?
  • Is there a policy and strategic plan to guide the company on corporate social responsibility when we are in the red, when profits are slim and when business is booming?
  • What is the link between our core business and the area sector and activities for our social corporate responsibility?
  • Is there any risk associated with doing well in society? How do you know and access that knowledge?
  • What are the benefits of social corporate responsibility? To who? How are they measured? Why do it in the first place?
  • Smart partnerships for CSR without compromising core business.

If so, this seminar is for you and by attending you will build your knowledge in the following topics:

  • What are social responsibilities of business?
  • How do organizational goals align with corporate social responsibility initiatives?
  • What obligates organizations to act in ways that serve both their own interest and the interests of society at large?
  • Consider Governance guidelines as the first leg of the process
  • Understand the guidelines for the development of an effective Corporate Social Responsibility programme
  • Focus on the strategies and objectives of your organization Corporate Social Responsibility programme
  • Develop Social Responsibility policy guidelines and be able to identify the duties and responsibilities within the organization.
  • Identify the ethical requirements needed in an organization to support Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Clearly understand what obligates organizations to act in ways that serve both its own interest and the interests of society at large.
  • Develop a CSR plan, budget and implementation plan.
  • Smart partnerships to make it happen.

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