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Incorporating Gender into your NGO
Nicolien Wassenaar
Edited and published by
May, 2006

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Nowadays the word gender is in common use. However many people do not know the meaning behind the word and what gender could mean for an organization and for development in general. Often an NGO or CBO has a problem knowing how to put gender into all aspects of the organization and thus reach gender mainstreaming, balance and equality within the organization and in its activities.

This manual tries to help in this process, starting with an explanation of basic concepts and definitions on gender, followed by ‘what to do and how to do it’, both within and outside your organization, in order to scan all aspects with a gender sensitive eye. In the process it explains the need for change and the constraints; it offers an awareness of wrong concepts and influencing factors.

Several steps are needed in the process of ‘engendering’ your organization and these steps are described one by one, from analysis of your organization, development of an action plan, implementation and then monitoring and evaluation.

Finally, related resources and websites are given; links to tools, like gender checklists for the project cycle, are provided.

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