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Useful herbs for small gardens
Anna Brazier
June 05, 2005 booklet 2nd edition 090605.pdf

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Herbs are useful strong-smelling plants. People all over the world have used herbs for thousands of years for cooking, medicine or to make cosmetics such as soap, shampoo and perfume. Some herbs can be dangerous if used in the wrong way. Make sure that you know which plant should be used to treat which ailment and avoid eating or drinking any herbs that are not on the list on page 3.

Most edible herbs and spices contain important vitamins and minerals, which help to keep our bodies strong and healthy. Many edible herbs and spices can help to stimulate the appetite and soothe sore mouths and throats. Herbal remedies can be used to help ease symptoms of illnesses but they do not cure any illnesses (such as malaria, TB or illnesses associated with AIDS) or conditions (such as high blood pressure). Like any medicine they must be taken in small doses as prescribed by a herbalist. If you are seriously ill you should always consult a doctor and tell him or her which herbs you want to use. Some herbs can be harmful if taken with medicines, so please be sure to consult your doctor!

This book will give you simple useful information on how to grow herbs and to use them safely. We will look at some useful Exotic herbs from other countries and wild herbs and weeds that can be grown in urban areas in Zimbabwe.

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