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MDC condemns Zanu PF’s partisan food distribution
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)
October 31, 2013

The MDC notes with serious concern reports coming in from the country side that Zanu-PF working with the AREX officials and the district administrators is distributing along partisan and corrupt lines, the government grain and seed loan schemes.

These unfortunate reports come at a time when the people of Zimbabwe are facing severe food shortages due to drought, high unemployment and high levels of corruption in Zanu-PF where government agricultural inputs are looted.

Such actions by Zanu-PF are a breach of the new Constitution, which clearly in its Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms, states, that every citizen has a right to sufficient food, safe and potable water.

As a party, the MDC is disturbed by the hunger and food shortages stalking the people across the country and is therefore dismayed that Zanu-PF wants to gamble with people’s lives for political gain.

There are disturbing reports that Zanu-PF officials, government officials and traditional chiefs are demanding Zanu-PF membership cards from the villagers before they receive the government food aid and agricultural inputs.

Last Saturday at Honde Business Centre, the district administrator for Mutasa in Manicaland, Zebedd Dhliwayo blocked all villagers with no Zanu-PF membership cards from accessing government grain and ordered them to come to the distribution centre in Zanu-PF regalia.

In Ward 33, Zaka West in Masvingo, a Zanu-PF losing local council candidate in the last elections only identified as Magaisa and Chief Nyakunhuwa, last Friday supervised the distribution of grain that was only accessed by known Zanu-PF supporters.

Similar reports are coming in from all the country’s provinces and the MDC demands that the controversially elected Zanu-PF government must respect the country’s Constitution and allow the lawful and unhindered movement of food aid and agricultural inputs to all deserving citizens.

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