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  • President Tsvangirai told chilling stories of vote rigging in Gutu
    Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)
    October 17, 2013

    President Tsvangirai today continued with his tour of Masvingo province where he met the executive members in five Gutu districts and heard chilling stories of how the people's vote and will was stolen by Zanu-PF in the 31 July elections.

    He was told that in Ward 16 at Chinyayi Village in Gutu East, only two voters found their names on the voters’ roll and managed to vote. Other people who voted in the ward were not from the ward and voted using voting slips.

    President Tsvangirai was informed that there was heavy militarisation of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) after the army personnel took over the registration and the voting processes while before the elections, the soldiers moved around the districts threatening villagers of war if they did not vote for Zanu-PF.

    The districts told the President of the massive abuse of the food aid programme with trucks laden with grain where dispatched to the districts and villagers were told that they would get the grain if only they had voted for Zanu-PF.

    In his response, President Tsvangirai said the only way that the crisis of legitimacy of the 2013 elections would be solved is through holding new free, fair and credible elections adding that he would never legitimise the 31 July monumental fraud.

    He said he was inspired by the unity shown by the people in the face of adversity and urged them to remain the same in recognition of the thousands of people who died for real change and transformation.

    The people affirmed their support and faith in the leadership of President Tsvangirai and his lieutenants. He continues with his tour of Masvingo province on Friday.

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