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MDC condemns increased police brutality
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)
October 09, 2013

The MDC notes with great concern the marked increase in the acts of brutality being perpetrated by the police and other state agents on innocent and defenceless civilians across the country.

On Tuesday, hundreds of families were left homeless in Mapinga,Banket in Mashonaland West after a group of vicious and heavily armed police officers destroyed and burnt their huts.

What is clear is that these families who have been at the farm for less than four months were brought in by Zanu-PF to vote for its candidates in the 31 July elections. Now that the elections are gone these poor families are being discarded like dirt and have been left to face the vagaries of weather.

On Monday, at the Hwange Colliery mine, the police violently disrupted a demonstration staged by over 100 defenceless women who were demanding outstanding salaries and allowances for their spouses who have not been paid for over five months. These women and some children were viciously assaulted by the police with baton sticks and booted feet.

This suppression of the demonstration was in clear violation of Section 58 the new Constitution which clearly provides for freedom to demonstrate. This shows that Zanu-PF, through the police, is bent on subverting the people’s rights enshrined in the new Constitution.

Further, the MDC notes with concern the unconstitutional and unlawful farm invasions by Zanu-PF officials throughout the country, especially in the Mashonaland Central province. These disruptions are worrying as they come at a time when over two million Zimbabweans are facing

The MDC believes in bringing the land crisis to closure through a democratic and participatory process that achieves equitable, transparent, just, lawful and economically efficient distribution and use of land, both for agricultural and other purposes.

As a Party of Excellence, the MDC remains steadfast and committed to delivering real change to the people of Zimbabwe. We remain committed to a new Zimbabwe with guaranteed security, dignity, democracy and freedoms, prosperity and hope.

We are convinced that what is happening now is a clear sign that once again Zimbabwe is on the brink to returning to lawlessness, brutality and anarchy. We call upon all Zimbabweans to be united and stop Zanu-PF from bringing Zimbabwe back to retrogression.

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