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  • MDC calls for an end to ZBC workers’ misery
    Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)
    October 01, 2013

    The MDC calls for the immediate payment of salaries to the suffering Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) employees who have gone for months without getting paid.

    As a labour-backed party, the MDC condemns the non-payment of salaries to the abused staff members at the ZBC and demands that they should be paid a living wage urgently while improving their working conditions.

    Because we appreciate the importance of a satisfied employee, we sympathize with the workers whose non-payment of salaries is not only affecting the employees and their immediate families but the entire nation which is being starved of proper information, education and entertainment due to low output as staff members at the country’s sole State broadcaster are disgruntled.

    The MDC is further concerned that the senior management at ZBC is getting obscene salaries of over US$20 000 a month when junior employees are failing to meet day to day needs of their families like paying rentals, school fees and buying food.

    It is also of great concern that the ZBC employees’ plight comes out at a time when Zimbabwe continues to face repressive laws that are hampering the free flow of information. In particular, the broadcasting and electronic environment is seriously crying out for unfettered liberalisation and an open market.

    Therefore, the MDC’s calls for urgent media reforms remain. As a people’s Party of Excellence, the MDC believes that the free flow of public information, giving citizens the right to know and be heard is a hallmark of a functioning democracy.

    By achieving this, the ZBC will no longer be an appendage of Zanu-PF, which is a dead party that is seeking legitimacy after its massive rigging of the 31 July harmonised elections.

    Meanwhile, the MDC backs the demands made by the civil servants in calling for a salary increase. The MDC’s position remains that the mining and processing of the country’s natural resources especially the diamonds from Chiadzwa should be more transparent and that the proceeds should be channeled through the Treasury so that there is money to pay civil servants decent salaries and improve their working conditions.

    Once again, the MDC strongly condemns the continued vast looting of the country’s diamonds and the non-remittance of the proceeds to Treasury.

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