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  • President Tsvangirai meets acquitted members
    Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)
    September 24, 2013

    The MDC will not abandon the people’s struggle and remains committed to achieving real change and transformation, President Tsvangirai has said.

    He made the call today while welcoming 21 MDC activists who were acquitted last Thursday at the High Court where they were facing false charges of murdering a police officer in Glen View, Harare in 2011. President Tsvangirai met the 21 activists, most of whom had spent over two years in remand prison, at the party headquarters, Harvest House in Harare.

    The other seven members facing similar charges were not acquitted and are expected to stand trial while one of the accused, Rebecca Mafukeni died in remand prison last month.

    “These are temporary setbacks. The party is fully behind you. The MDC is fully behind the struggle. We have budgeted for a marathon not a sprint. Success is guaranteed and the struggle has not been abandoned,” President Tsvangirai assured the MDC members.

    “I want to give you my assurance that we are not going back in our fight for real change. Let us not be diverted by Zanu-PF,” he said.

    President Tsvangirai said although it was encouraging that the 21 members had been acquitted, it was unfortunate that they were released at a time when the nation was in mourning following the massive rigging of the people’s vote by Zanu-PF in the 31 July elections. “You came out of prison when we have a nation in mourning. However, as a party we are really indebted to your commitment. Do not listen to those that are trying to demoralise you when you have endured the worst.

    “Freedom which is circumscribed is not freedom. In a struggle, the dictatorship knows who to target. In a game of football, the person in possession of the ball is marked and targeted. They targeted you because you were the most committed and most discernible cadres,” President Tsvangirai said.

    Turning to the death of Mafukeni, President Tsvangirai said her death had shown that “justice delayed is justice denied. “This is the system that we are fighting against. We cannot have a system that targets activists and the people of Zimbabwe. Let us remember the other seven that have yet to stand trial for a crime they did not commit. Our spirits and support are with them,” he said.

    He promised that the party will continue to support all the activists and their families. “Lives have been divided. We don’t take this lightly as you have sacrificed your lives for the struggle,” said President Tsvangirai.

    The President was accompanied by the MDC national organising secretary, Hon. Nelson Chamisa and welfare secretary, Hon. Lucia Matibenga.

    Hon. Chamisa urged the MDC members to stay on course in the execution of the people’s struggle. “You should not doubt the MDC capacity. We will defeat the dictatorship,” he said.

    Hon. Matibenga said the party leadership will not abandon those still in remand prison.

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