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  • MDC leadership meets
    Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)
    September 13, 2013

    The National Executive and the National Council of the Movement for Democratic Change met in Harare today to discuss various issues.

    The party noted with concern the incarceration of its members and officials including the Deputy National Chairman, Morgan Komichi and the Glen view six. This continued incarceration and detention is part of the ongoing harassment of the MDC members and officials by the state agents using the criminal justice system.

    Further, the party noted with concern the brazen attempts by Robert Mugabe to subvert the constitution by bringing in provincial governors disguised as ministers of state responsible for provinces. This is meant to circumvent and defeat the constitutionally well-spelt out principle of devolution of power to the provinces.

    The MDC has noticed that this subversion of the constitution is going to be a key feature of Mugabe’s presidency. To that end, the party resolved to fight by all means necessary all the attempts by Mugabe and Zanu-PF to subvert the people’s constitution.

    The party resolved that it will continue engaging with international bodies in particular SADC and the African Union. This is in spite of the very unfortunate and one-sided statements that have been issued by some officials purporting to represent these bodies, concerning the credibility of the Zimbabwean Election.

    The party further noted with grave concern the failure by our courts to deal substantively with the dispute involving the eligibility of people who are not elected councillors to stand as mayors.

    The MDC maintains that the law and the constitution allow people who are not elected councillors to be mayors. Attempts by Zanu-PF to block MDC mayoral candidates are simply designed to affect the MDC’s performance in the provinces concerned.

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