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  • MDC’s statement on the appointment of a new Cabinet
    Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)
    September 11, 2013

    The MDC notes the largely predictable appointment of a 'deadwood’ Cabinet by Robert Mugabe following the farcical 2013 Elections.

    Notwithstanding the fact that this Cabinet is a product of a stolen election, the MDC expected that Mugabe would assemble a team with the craft competence to confront the insurmountable economic and social challenges that the nation faces.

    Regrettably, what we have seen is a re-cycling of the same exhausted minds that have presided over the dramatic demise of what was once the jewel and bread basket of Africa.

    Many Zimbabweans expected that Mugabe would infuse new blood into this important arm of the State but they have been disheartened to see the same crop of tired Zanu-PF politicians being shifted from one portfolio to the other.

    This reshuffling of old and tired horses demonstrates not only the lack of vision by Mugabe and his team, but the fact that it will be business as usual under this fraudulently elected Zanu-PF government.

    Tuesday’s appointments show that Mugabe is desperate to fight the illegitimacy tag that will haunt his government for the next five years. Retaining a team of uninspiring and spent forces at a time when Zimbabwe needs to move forward at all fronts both locally and in its international relations defies logic.

    Mugabe’s cluelessness is aptly demonstrated by the creation of some portfolios that are unheard of in the field of public administration. For instance what on earth does a ‘Minister of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education’ do?

    What is further disturbing are attempts by Mugabe to undermine the new Constitution by subverting the people’s choice of a devolved State through the surreptitious retention of the Office of the Provincial Governor under the guise of Ministers of State for Provincial Affairs.

    These individuals have been appointed specifically to undermine provincial chairpersons particularly in the MDC led provincial councils like in Harare and Bulawayo.

    Another glaring irregularity is that Mugabe’s Cabinet appointments are a violation of the new Constitution, which stipulates that there must be gender equality in all key government institutions.

    There are only three women ministers and four women deputy ministers in this Cabinet, demonstrating that Mugabe is stuck in the old patriarchal political mode.

    Zimbabwean citizens want a government that is going to deliver jobs and ensure that they have access to affordable social services including water, health and education.

    Sadly this government does not have the craft competence to deliver these. Zimbabwe needs a fresh start under a government led by competent people with the energy and vision. The MDC stands ready to move Zimbabwe forward.

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