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  • 2013 harmonised election manifesto
    Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) (Ncube)
    July 20, 2013

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    This country needs to move away from centralization to devolution of power in which local communities determine their destiny. The sad past of this country can be blamed mainly on over concentration of power on one person in which policy and decision making excluded the generality of the citizenry. This can be changed! The future of Zimbabwe is in your hands now. You can no longer have an excuse of having a dysfunctional government taking lead in your lives. Movement for Democratic Change has argued consistently that the prosperity and well being of Zimbabweans lies not only in our ability to maintain high industrial productivity, but also being able to govern ourselves at community level. Control of our economic, social, political, legal and technological life at the lowest level of governance is the essence of devolution.

    This 2013 Harmonised Election Manifesto is a set of interlocking policies that, when implemented together, make a real difference in people's lives over time. As MDC, we have never had a full chance to govern and show what we can do except for a few posts. Nonetheless, the few councillors, Members of Parliament, Ministers and Senators who have been part of the National Government Unity since 2009 have shown immense capacity to deliver. It is only your vote in this election that can elevate the party to full National, Provincial and Local Governance so that once more Zimbabweans can regain pride.

    The policies outlined in this Manifesto are a window to what MDC can do. If you vote for us, you are choosing prosperity, wealth, jobs, affordable health, quality education, fairness, justice and effective participatory local governance. Do not condemn Zimbabwe and your own lives to another five years of misery and poverty, corruption, violence and unemployment by voting for other political parties.

    The choice is yours. Make the right choice. Vote for President Welshman Ncube, MDC Green councilors, Members of Parliament and Senators in the 2013 Harmonized Elections. This is the time to make devolution work. Devolution is indeed the new revolution!

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