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  • President Tsvangirai’s rallies attract massive of rural communities
    Movement for Democratic Change
    July 18, 2013

    Buoyed by the success of the referendum on the new Constitution when millions of Zimbabweans came out and voted “Yes” for the new Charter, the rural folk for years threatened by the Zanu PF militia not to attended MDC rallies are coming out in their thousands to MDC 2013 campaign rallies being addressed by President Tsvangirai and the senior party leadership across the country.

    Following the peaceful holding of the referendum on the new Constitution, the people of Zimbabwe especially those in the rural areas have realised that it is their autonomous right to participate freely in the country’s democratic processes such as elections.

    For long the people in rural areas have been subjected to threats, beatings, rape, arrests, abductions and at times even death for coming out openly and attending and voting for the MDC.

    However, all this has changed and the people of Zimbabwe have realised that they cannot continue to be subjected to threats when they can change their lives through voting freely for representatives of their choice without being attacked or threatened by anyone.

    At all the rallies in the rural areas that President Tsvangirai has addressed thousands of people at each event an indication that the people of Zimbabwe are ready for real change.

    On Tuesday and Wednesday, President Tsvangirai was in Gokwe where he addressed five separate rallies in the district. One rally at Chitekete Business Centre ended at around 8PM when it was already dark and generators had to be switched on to lighten the venue where President Tsvangirai was addressing.

    The people of Zimbabwe are determined that since they now have a new Constitution, they now want a new President with a new Zimbabwe and they know that the only person who can deliver this is President Tsvangirai and the MDC.

    President Tsvangirai’s message to the rural community is premised on the need for rural transformation which is very appealing to the rural community.

    In his addresses to the rural communities, President Tsvangirai says that the MDC acknowledges that the majority of the Zimbabwean population lives in the rural areas and the challenges affecting them are poor infrastructure, financial exclusion, lack of social service, food insecurity, unemployment, lack of markets and poverty.

    On rural transformation, President Tsvangirai says the MDC government will agriculture as a business and give all who use the land to make a living the security of ownership, resuscitate rural infrastructure such as roads, bridges, schools and ensure the provision of essential services such as health care, education, electricity, clean water and sanitation.

    This is the message that the people in the rural communities want to hear as they are tired of 33 years of Zanu PF’s half-truths.

    Meanwhile, President Tsvangirai today continued with his presidential victory rallies and addressed thousands of party supporters at Maboleni Business Centre in Vungu, Tongogara Business Centre in Shurugwi and Mkandapi in Shurugwi all in the Midlands South province.

    At the Maboleli rally, which was attended by scores of war veterans from the area, President Tsvangirai pledged that the next MDC government will taken care of in recognition of the role they played to liberate Zimbabwe.

    “War veterans deserve to be taken care of by the government because of their illustrious role they played during the liberation of Zimbabwe,” President Tsvangirai said.

    He said the objective of the next MDC government t will be to correct good governance through the creation of culture of being transparent to the people at all times and in improving service delivery.

    “We will ensure that there is infrastructure development especially in rural areas through rural transformation and job creation,” said President Tsvangirai.

    He said when the people of Zimbabwe voted for the Zanu PF and its leader Robert Mugabe out in 2008; it was only through the grace of SADC that Mugabe was accepted in the inclusive government.

    “The MDC was part of the inclusive government not to save Mugabe but in order to save the people of Zimbabwe. In 2008 and 2009, life for many people had become unbearable and people should not forget that era by voting for Zanu PF. People will be condemning to that suffering.

    “If any aspiring Zanu PF candidate asks for another mandate, one should ask what he wants to achieve that he has failed to achieve in 33 years,” said President Tsvangirai adding that he did not hold any grudges against Mugabe but was against his bad record in government, which has been marred by corruption, lack of respect for the rule of law and impunity.

    Tomorrow he will be in Mataga South, Danga North, Chizungu West and Mandava Stadium in Zvishavane.

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