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  • Zanu PF’s pull out of JOMIC thoughtless
    Movement for Democratic Change
    July 17, 2013

    The MDC notes with great concern the decision by Zanu-PF to pull out of the Joint Monitoring and Implementation Committee (JOMIC), a body that was created by the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to monitor the implementation of key political processes by the inclusive government.

    Despite some challenges, JOMIC has been playing an important role of receiving reports and complaints in respect of issues related to the implementation, enforcement and execution of the GPA and the relative peace and tranquillity that Zimbabweans have enjoyed in the last few years was largely a result of JOMIC’s sterling work.

    The MDC would like to state categorically that the life of JOMIC ends with that of the inclusive government.

    JOMIC has a strategic plan to monitor the coming elections to ensure that they are held under conditions of freeness and fairness.

    The real reason why Zanu-PF is pulling out of JOMIC is that it wants a chaotic election as it fears losing in a credible one.

    Its claim that it is pulling out because JOMIC has been abused by the MDC for political purposes is a laughable ruse to hoodwink Zimbabwean citizens. It is very clear that Zanu-PF’s withdrawal is part of the ‘chaos faction’s ploy to disengage from all platforms of negotiation with the MDC as a precursor to the intensification of violence and intimidation.

    The merchants of chaos in Zanu-PF are in panic mode and they fear that rigging the July election is going to be a mammoth task, hence the chaos that they unleashed during the Special Voting process.

    They have become so scared of the election that they are now seeing shadows all over the place.

    This explains Mugabe’s infantile hallucinations and scurrilous claims that the MDC had petitioned the African Union (AU) to convene a summit on Zimbabwean elections, something that never happened.

    The Southern African Development Community (SADC), which is playing an important mediation role in Zimbabwe, has acknowledged the important work that JOMIC is doing and has called for the strengthening of JOMIC’s capacity.

    When SADC dispatched its officials to work with JOMIC, Zanu-PF cried foul and made flimsy claims that SADC was interfering.

    How can Zanu-PF accuse SADC of interfering in Zimbabwe when it is common cause that the GPA and the inclusive government are products of SADC facilitation? Such disingenuousness is unacceptable to Zimbabweans.

    In spite of all this, the MDC is aware that the people of Zimbabwe are committed to a peaceful election that produces a government of their choice. They have persevered in the face of oppression and repression by Zanu-PF and come July 31 they will get their moment of a peaceful revenge through the ballot box.

    We call upon SADC, the AU and the UN, as guarantors of the GPA, to rein in Zanu-PF and ensure that JOMIC continues to play its important role of monitoring the political processes in Zimbabwe until a legitimate government is elected.

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