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  • Woman dies at packed Zanu PF rally
    Elias Mambo, The Independent (Zimbabwe)
    July 16, 2013

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    An unidentified woman has died in a stampede at President Robert Mugabe rally at Chibuku stadium in Chitungwiza today.

    Police spokesperson Charity Charamba confirmed the woman died as she tried to enter the stadium.

    “A 52-year old woman was injured in a stampede as Zanu-PF supporters tried to force their way into the stadium for the president’s rally,” said Charamba.

    “The woman was injured as people were being stopped to enter the stadium where about 20 000 people were gathered. She was taken to Chitungwiza hospital where she later died.”

    However, sources claim four people died at the rally.

    Thousands of people were bussed to pack Chibuku Stadium in Chitungwiza for President Robert Mugabe’s rally on a campaign trail ahead of the July 31 elections.

    But some of Zanu-PF’s hungry supporters could not withstand the heat and shoving as Zanu-PF officials sought to prove that the party had the capacity to draw large crowds by over filling the stadium resulting in some women collapsing.

    Zanu-PF supporters were bussed in from all over Harare while kombis ferrying commuters to the city were forcibly diverted to Chibuku Stadium for the rally.

    A number of women collapsed and were ferried by ambulances to hospital after succumbing to the heat.

    “We just saw her collapsing after complaining of hunger,” said one elderly woman who helped the first aid crew.

    “We came here early in the morning and were made to sit in this heat without food or water.”

    Mugabe arrived at the rally at around midday and spoke for about an hour. In addition to his usual rhetoric about the British and a long lecture on Zimbabwean history, Mugabe promised to provide better housing conditions.

    He also promised to stop the Chitungwiza council from attaching properties of tenants who fail to pay rates.

    “If voted into government, Zanu-PF will resuscitate the collapsing industries and make sure that residents get water,” Mugabe said.

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