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  • Zanu PF chaos faction continues to manipulate special voting
    Movement for Democratic Change
    July 15, 2013

    The chaos faction in Zanu-PF is clearly trying to manipulate the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to block the special voting process for police officers and civil servants.

    After most police officers and other civil servants around the country have refused to be coerced by their superiors to vote for Zanu-PF, ZEC is now deliberately blocking them from voting.

    Out of a possible 70 000 ballot papers, only 6 092 had been dispatched by end of day Sunday, 14 July 2013. Out of a police force of 40 000, special vote applications from the police have ballooned to 69 292. This is a stark indication of how the Zanu-PF intends to use the police to further their interests.

    140 officers from the army and 2000 from the prison services have applied for special voting and information reaching the MDC reveals that they have been deployed to campaign for Zanu-PF across the country in the coming elections.

    The chaotic situation caused by some dark forces in Zanu-PF vindicates the MDC’s position that Zimbabwe is not ready to hold free, fair and credible elections.

    The MDC head office has been inundated with calls from police officers across the country that have highlighted how their superiors have tried in vain to intimidate them into voting for Zanu-PF but it has not been successful resulting in ZEC being forced to delay the process.

    Police officers are questioning how their spouses were given fake force numbers and coerced to apply for special voting.

    The police officers have questioned how people employed as general hands in the Zimbabwe Republic Police qualified for special voting when they will not be deployed anywhere on 31 July, the Election Day.

    A list of all police officers who applied for special voting submitted to the MDC revealed how a team headed by the Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri orchestrated a strategy to balloon the police force before the application for special voting by drafting in neighbourhood watch personnel, spouses of police officers and youths from the national youth training institutions into the police force and made to apply for special voting.

    The MDC applauds the police officers who have however insisted that they will not be cowed into voting for a party that for the past 33 years neglected their welfare and conditions of service.

    Police officers have also insisted that they will not be used to further the interests of Zanu-PF and will use their democratic right despite attempts by Chihuri and other senior officials to block this.

    The MDC is concerned that the coming elections will produce another contested result due to the manipulation of ZEC by Zanu-PF and give the people of Zimbabwe their democratic right in choosing candidates of their choice.

    The MDC applauds the bold decision taken by the police officers and assures them that they are monitoring this special vote process to ensure that they are not intimidated and coerced into voting for Zanu-PF.

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