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  • MDC’s plan for the mining sector
    Movement for Democratic Change
    July 13, 2013

    The MDC’s Manifesto, which was launched by President Morgan Tsvangirai at Rudhaka Stadium in Marondera on 7 July 2013 under the theme; “A New Zimbabwe - The Time is now,” lays a firm foundation for Zimbabwe’s recovery and growth. The manifesto prioritises job creation as a key deliverable of an MDC government and it targets the creation of one million jobs in the first five years of an MDC government.

    The past 33 years of Zanu-PF rule have seen Zimbabwe undergoing rapid de-industrialisation and the mining sector has not been spared. Despite being endowed with rich minerals that include gold, diamonds, platinum, and iron, Zimbabwe still ranks as one of the poorest countries on the African continent. This is because Zanu-PF has failed to craft a comprehensive economic model that ensures that Zimbabwe’s rich mineral wealth is leveraged to create jobs and economic prosperity for Zimbabweans.

    Corruption in the mining sector has also robbed Zimbabwe of much needed government revenue. The recent discovery of diamonds in Marange has been a curse to the people of Manicaland and to Zimbabweans in general.

    Diamond mining concessions have been awarded to Chinese companies working with some organs of the security establishment including the military and this has created an environment of opaqueness where there is no transparency and accountability on diamond revenues.

    Diamond revenues have not changed the lives of the people of Manicaland and Zimbabwean citizens as Zanu-PF fat cats have looted them to fund their lavish lifestyles.

    The MDC has a comprehensive plan to ensure that Zimbabwean citizens benefit from the country’s rich mineral endowment. We will create a conducive environment for genuine investment in the mining sector, which will create much-needed jobs and revenue. An MDC government will immediately review mining legislation with a view to making sure that all mining concessions have Zimbabwe’s national interest at heart.

    We will nationalise diamonds and ensure that government goes into partnership with genuine investors. An MDC government will also immediately establish a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) where revenues from diamonds and other minerals will be deposited.

    The SWF will become the country’s savings pot that ensures that future generations benefit from the country’s finite mineral resources and that the government deploys resources strategically to build a prosperous economy.

    The MDC has a credible plan to get Zimbabwe working again. From 01 August 2013 Zimbabwe’s mining sector will be radically transformed to ensure that every citizen benefits from the country’s rich mineral wealth.

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