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    Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T)
    July 07, 2013

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    Introduction message from the President

    This election represents a crossroads for our country. Over three decades ago, we engaged in a liberation struggle and were successful. Since then, we have experienced political and economic turmoil, international isolation, and severe hardships for our families because of unemployment, unprecedented hyperinflation, high cost of living, lack of food and decline in healthcare and education services. Zimbabweans deserve better. Zimbabweans deserve a government that cares and works for the people.

    Unemployment remains the biggest challenge facing our country today. Our young people graduating from high school, colleges and universities want jobs. Yet businesses have been shutting down over the years and emigrating to more competitive economic environments. An MDC government will ensure Zimbabwe is open for business. We will responsibly align and manage our nation’s resources to meet this challenge and restore Zimbabwe’s prosperity.

    You and I know we have come a long way since the early days of the party in 1999. We have gone through many trials and tribulations. We have lost some of our cadres along the way; limbs have been broken, livelihoods destroyed and houses have been burnt down. Many of us, including myself, have suffered grave personal losses. But what defines us is our resilience and our ability to see opportunity in the face of adversity. We will never forget the sacrifices that have been made. It is our historic mission to meet the demands of the present generation, to fulfil the dreams of our cadres who are no longer with us and the aspirations of generations that will come after us.

    You will recall that one of our founding objectives was to change the Lancaster House Constitution and replace it with a new, people-driven and democratic constitution. This year marked a historic moment when the people of Zimbabwe overwhelmingly voted for a new constitution. As the Chairperson of the National Constitutional Assembly at its formation, I am humbled by the achievement of this landmark moment in our nation’s history. But, fellow citizens, now that we have the new Constitution, we must convert the stated rules and principles into reality. You can only trust those who championed the Constitution to make it work and you know that it was the MDC that fought hard and drove the constitution-making process. As leader of Government, I will take the lead in defending the Constitution and making it work for the people of Zimbabwe.

    The MDC will work for the people, all the people, regardless of race, gender, religion, ethnic affiliation or political party. By joining together we can build a better future. The MDC is the future. It’s the people who make Zimbabwe great and an MDC government will partner with the people to return Zimbabwe to greatness and its rightful place in the family of nations. We are faithful and obedient sons and daughters of the Almighty God under whose wise guidance and stewardship this country will find its way to the top again.

    We are a party of excellence and our pledge is to improve the quality of life for every Zimbabwean.

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