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  • MDC applauds SADC resolution
    Movement for Democratic Change
    June 17, 2013

    The MDC applauds the SADC summit resolution effectively reversing the unilateral, unlawful and ill-advised election date proclamation by Robert Mugabe.

    The resolution ordering Mugabe to approach the constitutional court seeking postponement of the election date from the 31st of July buttresses the MDC’s position that the date of election should follow all the constitutional processes that will ensure the holding of free, fare and credible election.

    Robert Mugabe proclaimed dates for general elections as July 31 using the controversial and draconian Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act to shorten the electoral process by legally dubious means. He also sought to promulgate the amendment to the electoral law by decree a development that the MDC views as extremely outrageous.

    The MDC took to SADC its commitment to free and fair election, which should be held as soon as possible without delay. However, the party insists on key reforms that have a bearing on the freeness and fairness of the elections.

    These include:

    • Completion of the voter’s registration exercise
    • The total eradication of all forms of violence especially state sponsored violence
    • Drawing up of a code of conduct to govern the behaviour of security services during elections in line with section 208 of the constitution which stipulate that they should not be partisan, must not campaign for or against a political party and must respect Fundamental Human Rights.
    • The democratisation of all media laws to ensure equal access by all contesting parties to the State Media and the elimination of hate language.
    • The revision of all laws that have a bearing on elections to bring them in conformity with the new constitution.

    All these issues are provided for in the new constitution and it is only sensible that Zimbabwe adhere to all its constitutional provisions.

    The MDC applauds President Tsvangirai for eloquently presenting the Zimbabwean case to the SADC summit prompting the Heads of states to come up with a well considered position. The statesmanship displayed by President Tsvangirai speaks volumes of his capacity and capability to tackle challenges that have bedevilled Zimbabwe in the three decades of misrule and corruption under the Zanu-PF government.

    We hope that reason will prevail and that Zanu-PF will put Zimbabwe first and respect SADC resolution and do what needs to be done.

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