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  • Zanu PF and Zvayi in contempt of court
    Movement for Democratic Change
    June 13, 2013

    The MDC is extremely disappointed by attempts by some pseudo journalists like Ceaser Zvayi working for the Zanu-PF mouth piece, The Herald to attribute to the party, the current litigations by some innocent citizens seeking recourse from the constitutional court.

    The attempt by the Zanu-PF pundit and apologist is nothing but another damp squib at a spin well calculated to scuttle, pre-empt, and subvert the course of justice.

    The choreographed act by Zanu-PF’s Zwayi is preposterous much as it is a deliberate onslaught on the courts by Zanu-PF so as to influence judiciary processes to its favour.

    The MDC strongly believes in the independence of the Judiciary and such actions by Zwayi and his pathetic Zanu-PF constitute a serious indictment and an affront to such independence.

    Whilst the MDC stands in support of freedom of expression, Zwayi’s predictable and miscalculated move is a total infringement of individual constitutional rights to consult the courts for redress. Such action by the Zanu-PF surrogate is a cruel intrusion into feasible liberties of citizens and is totally unacceptable.

    What is disturbing and more dangerous from the Zanu-PF propagandist is his attempt to interfere with pending litigations already before the courts.

    The MDC finds this move highly contemptuous and a total disregard of Judiciary independence. We strongly hope that the Constitutional Bench will read through such conspiracy and exercise their mandate in a free and fair manner.

    We are also appalled by some Zanu-PF linked lawyers who have joined Zvayi to try to pre-empt the cases that are now before the courts. These lawyers ought to know or must know that Jealousy Mawarire does not have more rights to approach the constitutional court than Maria Phiri and Nixon Nyikadzino and others.

    What these incompetent lawyers are implying is that the courts are there only to advance Zanu PF interests. Some of these lawyers are well known advisers to Zanu-PF.

    They wrongly advised Mawarire’s lawsuit and now do not know what to do in view of the precedent set by the Mawarire case that any aggrieved citizen can approach the Constitutional Court in the case of a violation of their fundamental rights.

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