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    Movement for Democratic Change
    May 23, 2013

    The Zanu-PF Joint Organising Committee is reported to have taken Augustine Chihuri to task for sanctioning the well attended MDC rally held at the Zimbabwe grounds on Sunday, 19 May 2013.

    The rally attended by over 30 000 party supporters was addressed by President Tsvangirai who was accompanied by the MDC top leadership.

    However, the MDC is well aware and has learnt that a high powered Zanu-PF meeting was held on Tuesday, 21 May 2013, where General Constantine Chiwenga quizzed the police commissioner general over his sanctioning of the MDC rally which was well attended.

    According to sources who attended the meeting, Chihuri’s response was that he wanted to test the MDC’s popularity. The service chiefs were shocked by the overwhelming attendance at the rally despite heavy police presence around the venue.

    The service chiefs were further incensed by the fact that the MDC, as a Party of Excellence, had before the Zimbabwe Grounds Star rally, managed to hold a colourful national policy conference in Milton Park, Harare where it launched its policies on how it will govern the country after winning the next elections.

    This development by the service chiefs, signals the intention of the service chiefs and Zanu-PF to unleash violence on the people ahead of the coming elections scheduled for later this year.

    As a party, the MDC notes that even before the announcement of the dates for elections there are already indications of possible violence in the upcoming election as Zanu-PF is sensing heavy defeat at the hands of the MDC in the local government, parliamentary and presidential elections.

    Despite Zanu-PF preaching a message of peace in the upcoming elections, the MDC notes that senior officials in Zanu-PF are already strategising on how they will create alarm and despondency in the upcoming elections and consequently make the environment conducive for them to rig the upcoming elections.

    The MDC strongly condemns the plots by senior Zanu-PF officials to use the military to instigate violence on MDC supporters before, during and after the harmonised elections.

    The behaviour of the securocrats puts paid the MDC’s call for security sector reforms before holding of elections. The MDC will not be deterred from its agenda of bringing real transformation to Zimbabwe and would like to warn the service chiefs from engaging in acts aimed at creating mayhem and anarchy in Zimbabwe.

    MDC remains vigilant and would seriously follow any development meant to destabilise the peaceful existence of the Zimbabweans with keen interest.

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