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  • Police dancing to Mugabe’s tune again: arrests Solomon Madzore
    MDC Youth Assembly
    May 02, 2013

    Youth Assembly President Solomon Madzore is being detained for allegedly insulting Mugabe at a rally at Mushumbe in Mbire on Saturday.

    ZRP Harare central Law and order section called Solomon Madzore yesterday ordering him to report to the station but did not cite the reasons why.

    On his arrival at the station he was told that Bindura police wants him in connection with charges of insulting Mugabe but could not spell out the details.

    Madzore in company of his lawyer Charles Kwaramba are currently waiting for Bindura Law and Order section to arrive at the station.

    The police force now has a culture of being used by Zanu PF to harass everyone they feel is a political threat and Madzore is not new to this treatment.

    He was arrested and stayed for 7 months in custody for participating in Democratic Resistance Campaign together with his brother Paul, Luke Tamborinyoka, Ian Makone and several other individuals. The state later dropped the charges.

    He was later arrested in a case popularly referred to as Glenview 29 in which he stands co-accused of killing a cop one Inspector Mutedza who was murdered at a pub in Glenview. Solomon Madzore stayed in prison for more than 400 days and is currently out on bail.

    The state has failed to prove a case on the 29 and specifically for Solomon Madzore the Presiding Jury Justice Chinembiri Bhunu said ‘Since his Alibi was checked and confirmed by police, I wonder why he was kept in custody beyond initial remand, when they is nothing triable on his part”.

    The Youth Assembly condemns the persecution of its leadership. The police should be professional and impartial in carrying out their duties.

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