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  • Resolutions of the MDC National Council of Wednesday, 04 April 2013
    Movement for Democratic Change
    April 04, 2013

    On Wednesday, the 3rd of April 2013, the National Council of the MDC which is the highest decision-making body between congresses met in Harare to discuss various issues affecting the party and the country.

    The National Council thanked the people of Zimbabwe for turning out in their numbers to vote overwhelmingly for the draft constitution during the Referendum held on the 16th of March 2013.

    In particular, the National Council expressed its appreciation to the President Dr. Morgan Tsvangirai for having campaigned vigorously and effectively for the adoption of the constitution. Importantly, the National Council noted the relatively peaceful environment under which the referendum was held and hoped that the forthcoming elections will be equally peaceful.

    The National Council also set to receive and consider the list of all the candidates short listed to contest in the party's primary elections and confirmations. This list was approved by the National Council.

    The party resolved that the primary elections and confirmations shall commence on the 20th of April 2013. The party resolved that all aspiring candidates irrespective of their positions within the party structures will go through the democratic processes of confirmation and primary elections as there will be no sacred cows in the party

    It was reiterated that the party was committed to the holding of free and fair elections this year preferably before the 26th of August this year.

    However, the key reforms in terms of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) to which the parties committed themselves in writing before SADC must be implemented first before the country can go to elections.

    These include the total eradication of all forms of state sponsored violence and impunity, allowing access by all contesting parties to the media especially public media.

    The party also noted that when Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) recruited voter educators and polling officers for the referendum it did not act in an inclusive manner. Most of these officials belonged to Zanu PF. The party therefore demands that election officials must be appointed in an inclusive manner.

    Further, the national accreditation committee of ZEC must also be inclusive as it must have members from all interested political parties. The party therefore totally rejects the use of the same election officers for the forthcoming elections.

    The party noted that there is a program in the registrar general's office to systematically exclude MDC supporters from registering as voters especially in the rural areas.

    This program includes mass registration of Zanu PF supporters with very minimum requirements while making additional and almost impossible requirements for MDC supporters including a requirement that the MDC supporters must furnish the registrar’s office with the phone numbers of the kraal heads who would have recommended their registration. The council found this behaviour in the registrar’s office totally unacceptable.

    Regarding the setting of the election date the National Council reiterated that this must be as a result of thorough consultations between the President and the Prime Minister in terms of the Global Political Agreement.

    The Councils remain disturbed by the wanton harassment of civil society organizations leaders, human rights defenders and MDC officials by law enforcement agents. We also condemn the harassment of judicial officers, which is now happening in Zimbabwe.

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