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  • Resolutions of the 13th National People's Conference
    Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF)
    December 10, 2012

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    The Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front held its 13th Annual National People's Conference in Gweru, Midlands Province at the Gweru Convention and Exhibition Centre from 5th-9th December 2012.

    The conference was officially opened by the President and First Secretary, Cde R. G. Mugabe. Each District sent one delegate drawn from the Main Wing or Women's League or Youth League. The rest of the delegates were drawn the provincial leadership upwards as well as the Zanu-PF Johannesburg District in South Africa.

    The conference received solidarity messages from ANC (South Africa), represented by Cde Jeff Radebe, member of the National Executive Council, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (Tanzania) was represented by its Secretary for External Relations, Dr Rose Asha Migiro, Frelimo (Mozambique) was represented by Cde Sergio Quantinho, member of the Central Committee. Politburo Member, Cde Theodore Quarter represented MPLA (Angola) while Swapo party (Namibia) was represented by Central Committee member, Cde Hilma Nican as well as from local affiliate organisations.

    1. Party mobilisation

    • Whereas the people's revolutionary party is committed to safeguarding, defending, promoting, widening and deepening the ideals and values of Zimbabwe's heroic liberation struggle for the benefit of all Zimbabweans today and in posterity;
    • Impelled by the imperatives of Zimbabwe's current "Chimurenga Moment" to indigenise the national economy, empower the indigenous population and its communities, develop and grow the economy to generate new wealth and income and to create employment opportunities especially for the youth who make up the majority of the economically active community;
    • Noting that the GPA and the Inclusive Government, legally and constitutionally, ought to have come to their end after the expiry of the two years reckoned from the inception of the Inclusive Government ;
    • Determined to defend Zimbabwe's national sovereignty to ensure peace and the holding of free and fair elections in 2013;
    • Resolutely opposed to the use of any form of political violence for electoral or any other purpose whether physical or otherwise and whether instigated or perpetrated by elements internally and externally inspired.
    • Driven and guided by the imperatives of national unity, national cohesion and the wellbeing of all Zimbabweans;
    • Committed to the promotion of regional and international solidarity among progressive forces;
    • Aware of the geopolitical intrigues, plots, manoeuvrings and regime-change agendas of imperialist and neo-colonial forces to resolve their crippling economic crises by seeking to recolonise developing countries to exploit their natural resources under the guise of economic market reforms, democracy, good governance and human rights;
    • Congratulating the party's Midlands Province, the Midlands Development Association, consulting architects and engineers and their cooperating partners for the construction of the magnificent Gweru Convention and Exhibition Centre;
    • Alarmed by the unrelenting covert machinations by Western imperialist forces and their proxies;

    Now therefore, Conference resolves;

    (a) To confirm the President and First Secretary, Cde R.G. Mugabe, as elected at the last congress to be the party's Presidential candidate in the harmonised elections to be held in 2013.

    (b) To direct all structures of the party to earnestly and immediately prepare for a resounding victory in the forthcoming elections by adopting a "Bhora Mugedhi"/ "Ibhola Egedhini" posture.

    (c) That the guidelines for the selection of party candidates for the conduct of primary elections must provide for free and fair primary elections in the spirit of the founding principles of Zanu-PF and to prohibit the imposition of candidates .

    (d) Exhorts every member of the party to be guided, instructed and bound by the vision, direction, ideals, values and the imperative for unity paying due regard to the enduring principle that we are our own liberators under the banner; "Iwe neni tinebasa"/"Wena lami silom'sebenzi".

    (e) To urge the party to revive and develop a cadreship policy that nurtures a broad human resource base for deployment by the party and to introduce structured compulsory ideological programmes.

    (f) To call upon the party to develop innovative, robust and relevant mobilisation strategies to attract and maintain the support of women, youths, people with disabilities including encouraging organisations and associations for the young, professional and other special interest groups to affiliate with it.

    (g) To urge the party to continue working towards the realisation of 50-50 gender representation in all decision-making institutions.

    (h) To urge the party to make provisions for the adequate funding of all its programmes, including the impending primary elections and harmonised elections.

    (i) To discourage the use of money for personal political benefit.

    (j) To urge the party to utilise local talent and resources to identify projects for income generation and employment creation for the benefit of the party and the community.

    (k) Instructs the party to ensure that Government enforces the de-registration of errant NGOs deviating from their mandate.

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